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Virginia Randall Public Relations draws on nearly twenty years of experience on all sides of the PR equation – as an in-house specialist, as a reporter and freelancer, and as a Vice President at a top ten agency. My expertise gives clients big agency results without big agency overhead.

Effective PR is not a commodity. If it were simply a matter of getting someone to make calls with the right list, companies could simply use a telemarketing company. I handle every client’s pitch.

I personally research, develop and implement media relations strategies that can effectively position a CEO, a product or a company. Getting to the strategy is a process that spans everything from conducting opposition research on competitors, creating effective corporate messages and writing strategic press materials and marketing materials that embody the message. It includes targeted media list development with a proprietary database management system that drills down deep into only the publications and outlets that need to hear clients’ messages. It means finding news everyday – or creating it – by ongoing monitoring of key media influentials, or producing a daily report of hundreds of online news outlets to create daily reports delivered via email each morning.

Effective public relations by an experienced practitioner eliminates an expensive learning curve on best practices in a variety of fields and disciplines that reposition companies and CEO’s, stimulate demand, raise product awareness, and gain media coverage for experts, entrepreneurs, CEOs, corporations, and professional service companies and nonprofits. CEO’s in particular need tailored media programs to establish thought leadership or renewed credibility for a public platform.


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