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Case History Projects
What are the success stories your sales reps brag about? How do your repeat customers explain their loyalty? When packaged as case histories, these stories promote your company’s strengths and bottom-line value to the media as well as potential customers…just they did for Bernard Hodes Group in Convenience Store News and Brandweek, among others. With a Case History Project, I mine the media gold hidden in your enterprise, package it and sell it to the media your customers care about.

Focused Media Campaigns
If your PR results need more “oomph,” maybe you need to target strategic niche or specialty media….or maybe you just need a focused blitz to a handful of the leading outlets. If you don’t have the staff/expertise/time/resources, why not rent mine, as Spherion did when it needed top-level coverage for a new CEO – and got stories in the New York Times, CEO Magazine and a near full page in USAToday? My proprietary database system can quickly ferret out the special beat reporters at major media, or the one highly specialized outlet you can’t afford to ignore. Whether as part of an ongoing program or as a short-term project, a focused media campaign keeps all your bases covered.

Survey Design/Promotion
A credible survey can advance strategic messages and support positioning about a product or company – but only if it is interesting enough to be covered. The secret is to create questions that are mediagenic merely by posing them….such as the ones I created for the Lemelson-MIT Awards’ Invention Index (used by Time, Newsweek, Harpers, and elsewhere including the Tonight Show – twice). The first simple three question survey I designed for MIT was covered in almost 100 outlets; the top 25 outlets alone represented a circulation of 17.2 million readers/viewers.

CEO/National Spokesperson Tours
When your CEO or expert is in New York City or elsewhere, you may need a helping hand to set up deskside or breakfast briefings or add last minute interviews. In addition, CEOs and spokespeople alike (for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Spherion and VF Corporation, among others) have appreciated my comprehensive briefing books prepared and given to them well ahead of their interviews.

Editorial Calendar Campaigns
Editorial calendars offer an effective way to extend meaningful coverage, yet few companies set aside their day-to-day demands to develop a good calendar. You have the option of having an editorial calendar crafted to your specifications for your company use, or if you choose, job out the entire project of composing the calendar and pitching opportunities as they occur for a flat fee.

New Product Launches/Special Event Support:
Whether it’s a nutriceutial, consumer products or electronics, a new website, a champagne, a new ad campaign, an awards program or any other type of launch or event (see Experience) if you need some extra support on the phones, help is available at a flat fee, project or hourly rate.



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