If you think PR is expensive, try anonymity.
Media Strategy
Virginia M. Randall
Public Relations

Brochures for internal or external audiences require a different tone and a lighter touch than other types of writing, combining the best of feature story reporting and PR message strategy. A properly written brochure for internal audiences can inspire loyalty as well as inform; a consumer brochure can generate feedback or sales, offer helpful information and remain in someone’s files to continue to give product messages.

For thought leadership, credibility and “staying on message” few PR tools can rival a well-thought out byliner. I have ghosted and placed byliners for financial service companies, manufacturers, universities and travel related service companies which appeared in publications from the Los Angeles Business Journal and the Asian Wall Street Journal to targeted trade and specialty publications.

Press Kits
I can research and write mediagenic fact sheets, backgrounders, executive profiles, press releases and other press kit elements quickly, concisely and with minimal need for editing/re-writing, based on my experience as a freelance writer, UPI business reporter, copyeditor and PR writing coach.

Press Releases
What’s the story? Informed research honed through years of freelance writing can yield a news hook that adds spice to even a humdrum announcement; strategic timing applied to the release schedule plus alerting selected media can bring extra exposure.

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